The Top 5 Food Delivery Apps That Are Currently on the Market

Over the past several years, food delivery apps have become much more popular. Many people are downloading these apps to their phones and are using the apps when they want to purchase some of their favorite foods without ever leaving the home. It is convenient for those who do not drive, those who do not feel like driving at that moment, or even for those who are not feeling well and would like to have some food delivered to them to avoid cooking anything. With plenty of food delivery apps to choose from, you may be wondering which of these apps are the absolute best.

These are the top five food delivery apps available. If you have not already downloaded them to your phone or tablet, you should start downloading them now, creating your accounts, and taking advantage of an opportunity to have your favorite foods delivered directly to your door when you are in the mood to eat them.


Perhaps one of the first of its kind, Grubhub is one of the leading food delivery apps on the market, providing an extensive list of different restaurants for people to choose from. Using the app is rather simple. You simply need to type in the location of the home or office where you would like to have your food delivered and then you will receive a list of all the different restaurants that are currently open, allowing you to decide where you would like to get your food from.

There may be plenty of restaurants that have partnered with Grubhub, so you can choose from all different types of cuisine, including Chinese, American, Mexican, and more. In addition to seeing a list of the different restaurants that are available for you to order from, you can see live reviews left from other people where they are talking about their experiences of using the site to order specifically from those different places. You can see the rating for each restaurant, read the reviews, and even look on the menu to decide what you want to order.

It is convenient because you can put your order in without ever making a phone call. There is even a special instructions box available for you to put in any special requests you might have when the chefs are preparing your meal. For example, you could say something like, “hold the onions” or “no mayo.” Once you put your order in, you can choose to pay with a credit/debit card on your account, your PayPal account, or in cash when the driver gets to you. Grubhub gives you an estimated time of arrival to make you aware of exactly what time you should expect to receive your food.


Waitr food delivery is an up-and-comer, breaking into the markets primarily in the south/southeast regions of the US. With a different business model for both the restaurants and the drivers, Waitr employs their drivers and they go through an interview process. They’ll also wear Waitr uniforms, so the company actually does do background checks and take responsibility for their drivers. The Waitr app allows for customers to order delivery or carryout to restaurants, giving the option to order ahead with online ordering or getting delivery from restaurants that traditionally don’t offer it.

Waitr also allows you to order from their website, which is frequently updated to address issues or missing features that customers are often asking for. The company recently went public in September of 2018, and acquired another delivery app company, BiteSquad, which extends Waitr’s reach into the norther parts of the country while still maintaining autonomy.


A simple way to order from some of your favorite fast food joints is to use UberEATS. The app includes both local restaurants and fast food chain restaurants, including McDonald’s, Popeyes, Panda Express, and more. The way that it works is that you will need to put a debit or credit card on your account. You will get to browse through the different restaurants, check out menu items, and then add them to your cart.

After you have decided what you are going to eat and have looked at the cart to determine how much everything will cost you, press the button to submit your order and you will receive a notification that tells you if your order is being prepared. Not only do you get a notification when your food is being prepared, but you will also get a notification letting you know when a driver has picked your food up from the establishment and is on his or her way to your location. One of the best things about UberEATS is that you can watch as the person works on getting to your home via bike or vehicle. The tracker makes it easy for you to see where the driver is on the map.

Once your food is delivered, you have the option of leaving a star rating for your driver, leaving a thumbs up or thumbs down for the different food items you got from the restaurant, and providing a tip to the driver if you feel he or she deserves it. While tips are not necessary, it is always nice to offer a tip to someone if you are pleased with the job that they have done for you.


Another great app worth downloading is the Postmates app. It is free to download and easy to sign up for with an email address and a debit or credit card. After you put your information into the app, you will get to see a long list of different restaurants that are available for you to pick from, including places like Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, and more. If you are craving some food from one of these restaurants but you do not drive or do not feel like traveling to get what you want, you can have the food delivered right to you.

A postmate is a person who picks up the order and delivers it to you. Once someone agrees to pick the order up, you will receive a notification and will see a few details about that person, such as a picture of him or her, the type of vehicle he or she is using, the name of the individual, and the star rating. If certain items are not available, the person who is picking up your meal could contact you and let you know while asking if you would like to have something substituted for whatever it was that you wanted. After the individual picks the food up and brings it to you, check the app out to leave a review and to offer a tip if you want to do so.

Door Dash

No matter what you are in the mood for, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can rely on DoorDash to have exactly what you want and need. Get started with the app by adding your address to your account. Many restaurants are available on Door Dash, including the Cheesecake Factory, Boston Market, Wendy’s, and Applebee’s. There is definitely not a shortage of great food to find on the app, so simply pick what you would like to have and then get it delivered in no time.

Now that there are quite a few different food delivery apps on the market, finding the best food to eat should no longer be a problem. Gone are the days of getting stuck choosing between pizza and Chinese food because you will now have access to so much more than the usual stuff that is available in your neighborhood. If you want to have tasty food from different restaurants delivered right to your door, download these apps, create your accounts, and then start your search for the perfect meal. You can also check for food near you with other geo-location sites that offer listings nearby.